There’s no other way.

Hi reader πŸ™‚

I just want to share a few yet essential claims of the Christian worldview. I think these claims would be appreciated if I’d give first a brief introduction about religious worldviews and the use laws of logic as it pertain to religious worldviews.

Religious worldviews in particular have views with regard to salvation. If we try to compare the major religious worldviews (e.g. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) then we would inevitably arrive to a sober conclusion that their views on salvation are not the same. Using laws of logic particularly the law of non-contradiction, we could reasonably conclude that since these religious worldviews couldn’t be both true at the same and at the same relationship then only one of them could be true or all of them are false if the statements that they claim do not respond to reality. On a side note, the law of non-contradiction says that statements that contradict each other couldn’t be both true at the same time and at the same sense. Say for example, if I say that, “Justin is a boy,” and there’s some who says that, “Justin is a girl.” These claims – since they are in contradiction with each other – couldn’t be both true at the same time and at the same sense.

I’ll just focus on the Christian worldview because it’s the worldview that I seek to defend.

If there is a God then He should be perfect. If He is perfect then it logically follows that His rules or standards – which are an extension of His character – are also perfect. Our problem if this is true is that all of us are imperfect. This claim to imperfection is rather obvious. The evidence to support this claim to imperfection is manifested in our daily activities. We see crimes, bombings, and all that sort of stuff. We even hold people to a standard that we fail to observe – we don’t want people to lie to us but we have also lied to others.

I’ll just focus on what makes the Christian worldview distinct from other religious worldviews. It’s the only religious worldview that claims that salvation is by grace alone. Grace means unmerited favor – it means that God offered salvation based on His goodness. This salvation is undeserved by the recipients of it.

Having said that, I just want to focus as to why it’s unreasonable to assert that salvation could be earned by works (the opposite of grace). Salvation by works is unreasonable for the very reason that God’s standard is not human goodnessit’s perfection. And, we all fall short of that perfect standard because we’re all imperfect people.

If what happened in the garden of Eden is true then as a result of the fall of mankind, sin entered into the world and we as descendants of Adam and Eve also inherited their sinful nature that was brought about by the fall. Now, our whole being – our thoughts, affections, will, and everything in it – are corrupted by sin. The bad news is that we couldn’t do anything about it.

And here’s the good news:

God did what we could not do.

He send His Son into the world and condemned sin in the flesh of His Son: Jesus. He’s the perfect and holy sacrifice that satisfied the perfect and holy wrath of God. Apart from that sacrifice, we are imperfect sinners and the wrath of this righteous God still abides on us because we don’t obey the standard that He has given to us. We’re all destined to be punished by this God apart from the substitionary atoning death of His Son on the cross. That’s why salvation is by grace alone. Jesus lived the life that we could not live and died the death that we should have died. This is all because of His grace and His mercy.

The good news is that ill-deserving sinners received – if they’d accept the gift of salvation through faith alone – what they didn’t deserve. In this awesome plan of redemption, God did this so that He alone receives the glory.

If it is by works then why did God send His Son on this world to endure suffering even death on the cross?

If it is by works then Christ died for nothing. If it is by works then Christ’s sacrifice isn’t enough. If it is by works then God’s standard is not perfect. If it is by works then salvation is cheap because it could just be earned by imperfect people.

People are saved by trusting on what Christ has done to save us in order for us to have the eternal life that He wants for us. God killing His own Son was the most impossible thing that He could do yet He did it for us. Christ was not just killed. He was butchered like a sheep to be slaughtered. This is how much God loves us. He gave His only begotten Son so that believers have eternal life through Him because the wrath of God has been poured out to Christ in behalf of those who’d trust in Him.

That’s why the Apostle Paul could now joyfully say in Rom. 8:1 that, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

As we come to a close, I just want to thank you for your time. πŸ™‚

P.S. Hi. Feel free to comment, criticize (I hope that it’s constructive), and ask questions. God bless. πŸ™‚

Author: nobody.who.has.Jesus

I don't know where to pour out my thoughts so I've decided to pour it out on my blog posts. I want to encourage and enlighten people through my blog posts so I really hope that I'd be a blessing to you as the reader. I just want also to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the people who have read my blog posts. :) Feel free to comment your questions, criticisms, and encouragements. I'd really appreciate it.

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