“Young ladies in particular can be ignorant with the war with lust men daily confront. Young ladies in particular simply don’t have a clue about what is actually going on in the mind of a man – young or old. They are often ignorant of the effect of their bodies on the eyes and the hearts of men. They are often ignorant that men are visually stimulated.” (C.J. Mahaney)

Please serve the people around you especially us – the boys and the men – by dressing modestly. Please don’t misinterpret this post. This is not a post to condemn. My heart just grieves whenever I think of those lustful thoughts in our minds that are in there because of the things that we see. In all honesty, this is a post to protect you from those lustful thoughts and lustful desires in our minds and in our hearts. I have a mother and three sisters and it grieves me whenever I think that other people might think lustfully of them.

On a side note, I agree that we – men – should think responsibly but I also do agree that women should dress responsibly.

Let’s serve one another.

Author: nobody.who.has.Jesus

I don't know where to pour out my thoughts so I've decided to pour it out on my blog posts. I want to encourage and enlighten people through my blog posts so I really hope that I'd be a blessing to you as the reader. I just want also to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the people who have read my blog posts. :) Feel free to comment your questions, criticisms, and encouragements. I'd really appreciate it.

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