What to do while Waiting

Lovely poem. 🙂

Joseyphina's World

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Waitingain’t easy;

Tapping your feet impatiently;

The clock ticking ever so slowly;

A minute feeling like an hour;

And an hour like a lifetime;

One can only keep a good mood;

In a waiting mode when he has found;

Something to distract him in the meantime;

But waiting idly calls for anxiety;

Frustration and eventually a blowup;

Because wasting energy doing nothing;

Is as explosive as the wrath of a woman scorned;

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Author: nobody.who.has.Jesus

I don't know where to pour out my thoughts so I've decided to pour it out on my blog posts. I want to encourage and enlighten people through my blog posts so I really hope that I'd be a blessing to you as the reader. I just want also to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the people who have read my blog posts. :) Feel free to comment your questions, criticisms, and encouragements. I'd really appreciate it.

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