One More Thing About Listening

“Listening is a gift. It is a gift from God to us that sparks intimacy, that helps us grow into servants and disciples, that promises constant learning and self-discovery, that helps us never lose the childlike gift of being surprised, and that assures us of guidance and the awareness of God’s presence. It is a gift that God offers—in the staggering discovery that God actually listens to us—and it is a gift we offer others, an open invitation to receive whatever they choose to share with us.

Will you embrace the gift of listening?” From The Listening Life by Adam McHugh

A New Lens


Many of you are aware I have been writing and reflecting over the past five posts on listening. I was certain I had shared all I wanted to include until today.

Yes, most importantly, learning to listen for the whispers of the One who loves us everlastingly with such grace and mercy is the most important habit we can develop.

Yes, all of us improve the quality of any relationship when we have honed our listening skills and continued to grow in them. (I know that is true for me even though I listened to people in my office every day of every week for almost thirty years.)

Yes, listening to others and their stories enriches our lives and expresses love as few other things can. If you are tempted to disagree, try to recall when you last took time for an unhurried visit with someone in your life. If…

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Author: nobody.who.has.Jesus

I don't know where to pour out my thoughts so I've decided to pour it out on my blog posts. I want to encourage and enlighten people through my blog posts so I really hope that I'd be a blessing to you as the reader. I just want also to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the people who have read my blog posts. :) Feel free to comment your questions, criticisms, and encouragements. I'd really appreciate it.

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