Four Apologetic Approaches (according to Tim Keller)

No Bull... from Noble.

If the gospel is the what of Christianity than apologetics is the why of Christianity. The days of Christendom are over; no longer can Christians simply tell the gospel to unbelievers and expect conversions and new disciples. No, now we must do as the early church did and be ready to have a defence for their faith. As Paul did, we must try to convince others of the truth of Christianity. Remember, this comes after telling someone the gospel. Christians must always be sharing the gospel in the context of their culture, showing the relevance of the gospel to everyday life.

Tim Keller is an expert on the subject of Apologetics. He wrote The Reason For God, a New York Times Best-Seller. Whether you’re a believer or not, that book is a must-read. At a conference at Acts 29 in 2011, he gave a message on apologetics and very quickly at the…

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